21 February 2009

Some recent work

Well, still in that vein of trying to get back up to date here is a selection of photographs that I have taken recently at our new location at Stanley Grange on Knowsley Hall Park. More to come!

13 February 2009

Keeping up to date

Keeping up to date is quite an appropriate title for this post! Firstly, I seem to be falling behind on my blogging, so this post is to start me on getting back up to date!!! And secondly, I think it's incredibly important as a photographer to keep pushing myself, improving my skills so that I am always fresh and able to deliver the highest possible standards of photography for my clients.

To that end, I went on a course recently, run by Annabel Williams at CPT in Stavely, Cumbria. Most of the course was focusing on business skills, but one day was devoted to photography. I tended to hang back a bit because there were a lot of people newer to photography than me who I thought might benefit from being able to capture some great shots, but I managed to get a few that I was really pleased with, as you'll see below.

I love shooting into the sun - the light on Tracey's hair here is just beautiful, and I love the mottled background effect created by the light.

I would have been really happy to take Eliza home - she was gorgeous, in personality as well as to photograph! You can see some of her personality coming through in these photographs of her.