15 May 2010

Weekly Update: Portrait Photography - don't wait too long!

I've been so busy of late I've just had no time whatsoever to do a blog update with the images taken, and even now I'm just going to leave you with one set of photographs, but that's more to do with the story that goes with them.

These photographs are really important to me, and I think they will always be important to Sean too, not just as reminders of his beautiful daughter. I am always talking about making sure we capture special times while we can - it's all too easy for parents to say "oh, don't photograph me", but I was really pleased when Sean agreed to be photographed with Dani. And this became all the more poignant because a matter of days after Dani's makeover shoot Sean's brother Joe sadly died at only 41 years of age - we never know what tomorrow might bring, so next time you catch yourself saying 'oh, don't photograph me', remember the people around you who love you for who you are, and want beautiful photographs of you as the storytellers for the future.

Are you ready to tell your family story through the photographs of your family as it is today? Don't leave it until it's too late!

05 May 2010

Ruth and James' Wedding at Knowsley Hall

I love how no two weddings are the same, and having photographed two weddings at Knowsley Hall at the weekend, it was really apparent how different people's personalities effuse the location they choose for their wedding. Ruth and James are the kind of couple who exchange a glance, a touch, a smile, tiny messages of their love for each other that say so much, and it was lovely to watch how they fell in love all over again on their wedding day.

I was totally at home with their family and guests and felt as though I was accepted as one among them all, such a lovely feeling, and a very privileged place to be in, particularly when you are told that someone wishes you had photographed their wedding for them when they got married!

Although this is only a tiny selection of their wedding photographs, I think you can see the love that Ruth and James have for each other, and it's also obvious how at home they felt amongst the grandeur of Knowsley Hall. A beautiful day, and a true privilege to have been part of it, and to be looked after so well by the highly professional staff of Knowsley Hall, for whom nothing is any trouble. Thank you Ruth and James, and to your family and friends, for making it such an enjoyable day for me.

Chris and Elaine's Wedding: Knowsley Hall

Last weekend I photographed two weddings at Knowsley Hall - as one of the top 10 wedding venues in the country it's not difficult to capture beautiful images, but it also helps to have couples who are happy to be photographed!

This wedding was for Chris and Elaine, a lovely couple with a true love for each other, and clearly loved by their family and friends. Their whole style suited Knowsley Hall's elegance and charm, and they fitted right in! I loved that all the men were dressed in dinner jackets and bow ties.

Here is just a little taste of the treat in store for Chris and Elaine when they view their images. At the moment I am struggling to reduce the number of images they will see, there are just so many beautiful ones to choose from!

Thank you Chris and Elaine for giving me the privilege to be part of your day, and for playing so much that we got a whole host of amazing photographs!

04 May 2010

New Pages on the Blog

We've just discovered pages on blogger and have introduced some tabs under the header to keep some key information easily accessible. Please make sure you take a look at our new Special Offers page and our About page - a couple more to follow over the next week or so.

Oh, and in case you can't be bothered - we've got some fabulous Special Offers for May! Go take a look, you know you want to!

Wedding Album and Client Appreciation!

I got a lovely email through today from clients from last year

"Sorry for the delay ... we've received the album through and everything is perfect -
we're both really pleased - in fact, a friend of the family commented
that it's the best album she's ever seen (and I agree although I'm biased)!

A big THANK YOU for everything you've done for us to capture our special
day so brilliantly and congratulations on winning the silver medal for
wedding portraiture with your pic of Hayley, James and the Reverend."
David and Hayley

So I thought I'd share the album with you - it's the first time I've done this kind of upload, so I hope it works! It's so nice to get appreciated like this.
Hayley & David

02 May 2010

Exhibition of Photographs at The Gallery, Clayton Square, Liverpool

Thursday sees the opening of my exhibition of fine art work. I have 15 pieces on show, and I am so excited to have this opportunity to show and sell my fine art photographs. The two images featured here, Crossing the Grand Canal and In the City are possibly my two personal favourites. There are still a handful of invitations left for the private view on Thursday evening, 4.30-6.30 at The Gallery, Clayton Square (upstairs), so get in touch if you'd like to come along - otherwise, the exhibition is open for 2 weeks. Framed prints are for sale starting at £175, with smaller mounted prints starting at £35.